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ShopKit for WooCommerce

ShopKit is the most complete theme for WooCommerce! Get everything in one pack! One click, out of the box solution! Start selling within minutes!

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ShopKit for WooCommerce

ShopKit is the most complete theme for WooCommerce! Get everything in one pack – WooCommerce Product Filter, Frontend Shop Manager, Improved Variable Products and Sale Badges, Warranties and Returns, Share Print & PDF for WooCommerce. Essential Bundle for WooCommerce, Exclusive Plugins and Extensions are included and synchronised beautifully. Not a single atom of energy will be lost to plugin integrations. Part from this ShopKit has the most advanced theme options for creating unlimited elements in your header and footer sections, with resolution and page dependant visibility settings. ShopKit has content area with up to 4 sidebars that can be customized on any page. All this is fully styleable with fonts and colors, backgrounds and designs. This makes ShopKit the ultimate theme there is. Any design, any layout can be recreated using it. Coded with best practices, HTML5, CSS3 animations, JavaScript at minimum, with integrated SEO and Microdata formats. LESS/CSS layout file is generated on theme settings save and virtually no options are loaded on the frontend. This makes ShopKit Theme the fastest one available.

ShopKit Theme Features

  • Super Fast, Super Light! Theme includes only 1 LESS generated CSS file and ~3kb of JavaScript!
  • Included Exclusive Plugins! 9 Premium plugins from + Visual Composer, Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer and Revolution Slider! Great value!
  • Unlimited sections and UI elements in header and footer! All styleable with 500+ fonts, colors and backgrounds, resolution/device or page dependent! “Can I add this here?” will never be asked again
  • Best responsiveness ever. With all sections and elements having visibility checks for mobiles/laptops/desktops, systems behind the element align and our non-JavaScript layouts, your web shop on mobile/handheld devices will look like a native app
  • Child themes for best practices. We’ve packed 3 child themes that automatically set the options when installed. Demo content is included and can be installed with a single click
  • exclusively included plugins! WooCommerce Product Filter, Frontend Shop Manager, Improved Variable Products and Sale Badges, Warranties and Returns, Share Print & PDF, Newscodes, Newscodes WooCommerce Extension and Widget and Sidebar Customizer
  • Up to 4 sidebars in the content area with separate width and mobile/laptop/desktop visibility settings
  • Custom CSS for responsive resolutions too! Set your custom CSS based on the device layout display. Write CSS for mobiles, tablets or laptops and desktops separately
  • Great WooCommerce support! 5+ years of experience in WooCommerce coding
  • Still not convinced? We support this too! How about a private forum here Just connect with your Envato account and our staff will be with you right away

ShopKit WooCommerce Integration

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Product Columns! Related and Upsell column options
  • Fluid columns 6 > 3 > 2 on mobiles! Awesome product display
  • 6 Product Effects! Zoom, Zoom and Fade (Uses first gallery image as second image), Fade (Uses first gallery image as second image), Flip Horizontal (Uses first gallery image as second image), Flip Vertical (Uses first gallery image as second image) and No Effect.
  • Hide any Product Loop or Single Product element on pages! Easy ON/OFF switches for Titles, Ratings, Prices, Descriptions, Add to Cart. More options on Single Product pages, Product Meta, Up-Sells, Product Tabs and Related Products.
  • EASY Product Searches that includes Product Title, Product Content/Description and SKU!
  • Products per page number easy customization
  • Single Product page customization! Product Image on Left, Right or Centered
  • Single Product Image width setting and Thumbnails Columns up to 10!
  • WooCommerce 3.0.x Zoom/Gallery/Lightbox full support
  • AJAX Product Filtering in Shop/Product Archives
  • AJAX filtering in custom pages with Product Filter shortcode
  • Variable In-Stock/Out-Of-Stock support!
  • Variable Color Swatches and Thumbnail Swatches. Improved Variable Product Attributes
  • Variable Product Selectors in Shop/Product Archives and shortcodes
  • Directory Search Filters, WooCommerce Product Filter integration
  • AJAX Add to Cart on Shop/Product Archives and in Single Product Pages support
  • Customized Sale Badges Improved Sale Badges
  • Warranties and Returns WooCommerce integration
  • Product Search Header/Footer elements
  • Filtering by Attributes, Custom Taxonomies, Tags, Categories, Prices, Range Filters and Meta Filters, In-Stock Filters, Sale Filters
  • Product Quickview with related, up-sells and attribute swatches!
  • Products Social Share
  • Products Print and PDF support! Share, Print, PDF integration


ShopKit - The WooCommerce Theme - 32


ShopKit Under The Hood

  • LESS CSS, one file generated on theme options save. Super fast frontend!
  • JavaScript at minimum use! All special effects are properly done with CSS3
  • Microformats data HTML5 with integrated SEO
  • Boxed Layout, Full-Width Layout. Layout on Left, Right or Centered in box or Full-Width Mode
  • Transparent Header, Transparent Header Full-Width and Full-Width Page Templates Inlcuded
  • Custom Site Width and Responsive Resolution Settings
  • Custom Margins Rows and Columns
  • Whole layout made out of CSS. No JS of any kind!
  • Super Responsive! This layout transforms like no other and is packed with customization for even better support
  • Lightning Fast. All this makes the theme lightning fast!
  • Packed with awesome exclusive plugins! Beautifully synchronized, straight out of the box!
  • Login and Registration Elements for Header and Footer
  • User Element with My Account access
  • Unlimited Menu Effects! 50+ Menu Effects with Colors, Animation and Font Settings
  • 500+ Fonts! Google Fonts, Integrated Fonts and System Fonts support
  • Custom Font Sizes, Line Height and More!
  • Unlimited Font Options for any typography setting! Virtually all settings, even letter-spacing!
  • 4 Content Button types! Bordered, Filled, Diamond, Glossy!
  • Up to 4 Sidebars with Custom Widths and options for display on pages and devices!
  • Backgrounds, Shadows Design Styles for Header and Footer Elements!
  • Extendable/Collapsible Sections! Collapsible with Dismiss, with Cookies support
  • One-Click Demo Install! With no preparation for it or server setup! Works everywhere!
  • Automatic plugin installation and activation
  • Separated Custom CSS for devices! Mobile/Handheld, Tablet, Laptop/Desktop have separated custom CSS options!
  • 2 Blog Styles! Compact and Full-Width design
  • Favorites icons for all Apple Devices
  • Any Sidebar Layout virtually on any page!
  • Conditional functions support for Sections Display and Sidebar Layouts!
  • Developer Actions and Hooks! Whole theme is hooked up! Add code anywhere or remove what you don’t need!


ShopKit - The WooCommerce Theme - 33

Ultimate Theme for WooCommerce

5+ years of WooCommerce coding experience, plugin development and customer support made this package. This package is solid and will be maintained for years to come, so why not make it the cornerstone for your next ambitious and long lasting WooCommerce project?

Child Themes, Styles and Flexibility

Unlimited sections in header and footer areas. Element bars, widget areas or plain content/shortcodes, collapsible or not, with resolution and page dependent visibility settings. Content area with up to 4 fully controllable sidebars! All this is fully styleable with fonts and colors!

Included Exclusive Plugins and Extensions

Everything is included! WooCommerce Product Filter, Frontend Shop Manager, Improved Variable Products and Sale Badges, Warranties and Returns, Share Print & PDF, Newscodes and Newscodes WooCommerce Extension, Visual Composer, Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer and Revolution Slider!


1. WooCommerce Product Filter – INCLUDED

ShopKit - The WooCommerce Theme - 34

The best WooCommerce filter plugin on the web. Add amazing filtering functionality to your shop. Use it on Product Archive pages, custom pages via the shortcode or place it in your Widget areas using the Widget version!

Plugin Link: WooCommerce Product Filter @
Plugin Demo: WooCommerce Product Filter – Preview

2. Live Product Editor for WooCommerce – INCLUDED

ShopKit - The WooCommerce Theme - 35

Create and edit products directly from your Shop pages, without ever having to access the backend. Supports all product types and vendors!

Plugin Link: WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager @
Plugin Demo: WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager – Preview

3. Improved Product Options for WooCommerce – INCLUDED

ShopKit - The WooCommerce Theme - 36

Make variable swatches, product options and much more with this extension!

Plugin Link: Improved Variable Product Attributes @
Plugin Demo: Improved Variable Product Attributes – Preview

4. Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce – INCLUDED

ShopKit - The WooCommerce Theme - 37

Replace the dull WooCommerce Sale Badge with the awesome Badges that are included with the plugin or create your own!

Plugin Link: Improved Sale Badges @
Plugin Demo: Improved Sale Badges – Preview

5. Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce – INCLUDED

ShopKit - The WooCommerce Theme - 38

Are you selling products with different warranty options and want to let your customers request returns? No problem, we got you covered. Create warranty forms, presets and more with this one of a kind plugin.

Plugin Link: Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce @
Plugin Demo: Warranties and Returns for WooCommerce – Preview

6. Share, Print and PDF for WooCommerce – INCLUDED

ShopKit - The WooCommerce Theme - 39

Plugin Link: Share, Print and PDF for WooCommerce @
Plugin Demo: Share, Print and PDF for WooCommerce – Preview

7. Newscodes – News, Magazine and Blog Elements for WordPress – INCLUDED

ShopKit - The WooCommerce Theme - 40

Best news elements plugin by far. Welcome to the future of post elements!

Plugin Link: Newscodes – News, Magazine and Blog Elements @
Plugin Demo: Newscodes – News, Magazine and Blog Elements – Preview

8. Newscodes – WooCommerce Product Extension – INCLUDED

ShopKit - The WooCommerce Theme - 41

WooCommerce Products Extension! Make product grids like never before! 15+ layouts, unlimited styles, visual shortcode editor!

Plugin Link: Newscodes – WooCommerce Product Extension @
Plugin Demo: Newscodes – WooCommerce Product Extension – Preview

9. Widget and Sidebar Customizer for WordPress – INCLUDED

ShopKit - The WooCommerce Theme - 42

Style widgets and sidebars in seconds! Awesome ShopKit integration.

Plugin Link: Widget and Sidebar Customizer @
Plugin Demo: Widget and Sidebar Customizer – Preview

10. Revolution Slider – ThemePunch – INCLUDED

ShopKit - The WooCommerce Theme - 43

Plugin Link: Revolution Slider – ThemePunchs @

11. Visual Composer – WP Bakery – INCLUDED

ShopKit - The WooCommerce Theme - 44

Plugin Link: Visual Composer – WP Bakery @

12. Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer – INCLUDED

ShopKit - The WooCommerce Theme - 45

Plugin Link: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer @

13. BONUS Product Loops for WooCommerce – INCLUDED

Plugin Demo: Product Loops for WooCommerce – Preview

Plugin Link: Product Loops for WooCommerce @

14. BONUS Autopilot SEO for WooCommerce – INCLUDED

Plugin Demo: Autopilot SEO for WooCommerce – Preview

Plugin Link: Autopilot SEO for WooCommerce @

Bundled Plugin Policy – LINK



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